Sea Shipping

Sea Shipping

Sea Shipping (Maritime transport).

Is one of the most important shipping ever. Requires double care and double protection. Because of the size, pressure and probability of entering the water. So in Eacct we take care of all the steps we make to ensure the safety of the container or the shipment in general.

All services are accompanied by a 24-hour tracking system, and there is the possibility of early clearance of shipments. And to know all the payments due to them to the most accurate detail.

You will not be surprised by any additional fee not already mentioned. No payment will be made for customs clearance services. Because free customs clearance for all our customers without exception.

All services are in Shuaiba Port. Which makes it easy to transport to anywhere in Kuwait. And around the clock

Services part of a container. The containers first go unloading yard. Then sent to customers wherever they are in the world. We will be sure to update the news section whenever new.