When you need somewhere to store your shipments and arrange them, you don’t always know where to start with such a topic. Because of the many requests it contains related to each other. Example: I want to sort a shipment in a country of origin some of which is for air freight and some for shipping to the sea, or I want to ship to the customer directly or I want to check the goods or I want to arrange etc of needs that make the mind constantly thinking! Don’t worry at all, we’re always you with all your needs. storage, sorting etc. You can rely on the expertise we put at your disposal to work exactly as required.

Goods Packaging

We provide large storage spaces for all customers, and high quality boxes are provided, to avoid any damage to shipping and transportation from one place to another. You can always ask for more in advance, by contacting us


We can from our sites after receiving. We ship to any place in the world required by the client. And in the same way it fits his request. We will work with ease and accuracy as if it were the same who did it.

High Protection

All the goods and orders from a warehouse are checked for packaging and insurance to avoid any kind of tampering or breakage or any other reason that would result in a loss to the customer.



We have several places for pickup, storage and retransmission. The most important and most popular places. China Shenzhen and Kuwait City Sabah Alahmad. Both cities are privileged by their proximity to the most frequently used seaports and airports.
We receive all shipments on behalf of customers. We represent them from A to Z. For maximum flexibility with shipments.

The most important services offered are:
-Provide an address for the customer who can use it monthly for any shipments and any size.
-We inspect the shipment on behalf of the customer. As per client’s wish
-we sort, repackaging, photograph or any services that the customer asks for shipments.
-We can add customer specific services with each shipment or logo of his company or any that would give the customer flexibility in his work

We try to make our services flexible for everyone. From individuals to companies. Always the number of services does not mean extra expenses. You can ask for any time before you start. About anything related to storage. And how to deal with storage. One of the best features of the service, especially in Kuwait. They get us directly on an early customs clearance in Kuwait. i.e. before exiting from its source or our exporter in another country destined for Kuwait. The paperwork arrives and we do early clearance from A to Z.
Allows for early release immediately upon arrival of shipments and without!!! No extra fees. No fees will be paid permanently. Because the company follows a clear transparency with this… It is the price of one and a total of 5% for customs. Before arriving in Kuwait. Meaning one bill to your door.

  • Ask and do not hesitate. You won't lose if you consult.

  • Do not rely on what you see from other companies and tolerate. We're definitely different.

  • Services added to the farthest.

  • Borderless logistics in the world.

  • Delivery unlimited to every where.

  • Fueling your logistics chain.