Kuwait Customs

We care about reaching the full discharge of the goods, received or even exported, we are keen to have our work done with perfection and speed. To get maximum comfort for all customers, and to avoid undue delays, what would enhance communication and trust. The same as we do with our motto. The trust that represents you.

Export or Import Customs

We always make sure all papers are complete for inspection even before shipments arrive, which will save you time. It also allows to know what other releases are required for early action, which helps the client not to disrupt and exit shipments in a shorter time, either for export or import.

More About Kuwait Rules

All shipments follow the laws of the State of Kuwait, so please always make sure to visit the customs site. To find out more about the laws of the country and the allowed and not allowed with regard to import or export, the site link is available on the tail of the page in the list of useful links

Speed & Care

Once the shipment is finished from all proper precautions, you are informed at the same moment, and the shipment goes directly with the type of shipping already selected by the customer. With all its official papers. We are always keen on speed and accuracy at all stages of clearance to avoid any error that would delay customers, we deal with each request. As if we were his owners.



Cargo is cleared from all Kuwaiti borders. Whether by land, sea or air, we do from the A to Z and we have early clearance, and our delegates make the necessary releases if necessary. With all our electronic services in full, there is no more old way to get paper from hand to hand, delay and so on. Welcome to the future.

*DOCUMENTS REQUIRED : 5 Papers. (Possibility of requesting certain papers from customs for some shipment)

First 3 you get from seller/sender of the shipment

1. Original Invoice
2. Original Certificate of Origin
3. Original Packing List

Next 4,5 get from local shipping agent

4. Original Airway Bill / Bill of Lading
5. Delivery Order (D/O)

  • Before Shipment Arrival. NEW

  • Clearance including Delivery if needed

  • We do All work. A TO Z

  • No more waiting! all electronic system.

  • More Payments Options.

  • Every Problem have Solution.