Land Transport Kuwait

Land transport, the best way to reach you wherever you are. At the lowest cost. Its advantages are enabling you to keep the vehicle for a period that you need without having to rush. Loading or unloading your goods by way of your convenience. But even you can control the track until the last minute. But even after arrival.

Air Freight

When things are related to transport, two distant points. Do not think much, certainly air transport is your solution. In earlier times most people avoided this option. Because of the price so much exaggerated. Today, with a large number of air carriers. Prices have become cheaper even than car transportation.

Sea Freight

Most of our shipments reach Shuaiba port in Ahmadi. They are cleared directly from us and delivered to the customer's door. We make all the necessary disclosures that need any specific releases from the government.


We have several places for pickup, storage and retransmission. The most important and most popular places. China Shenzhen and Kuwait City Sabah Alahmad. Both cities are privileged by their proximity to the most frequently used seaports and airports.

Kuwait Customs

Cargo is cleared from all Kuwaiti borders. Whether by land, sea or air, we do from the A to Z and we have early clearance, and our delegates make the necessary releases if necessary. With all our electronic services in full, there is no more old way to get paper from hand to hand, delay and so on. Welcome to the future